3 best captains of IPL 2019

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  1. MS DHONI :Mahendra Singh Dhoni is considered to be one of the finest captains of IPL and he also comes in number one because Dhoni is a captain who knows to play in every situation and he has experienced all kinds of things at this time. Due to this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best captain of the IPL 2019.
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2. ROHIT SHARMA : Rohit Sharma is the captain of Mumbai Indians and knows to play with his team in every situation and he handles his responsibilities very well, which is why he is considered as the best captain of the IPL, Rohit Sharma is also one of the finest batsmen Many teams try to win their team while performing.

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3. VIRAT KOHLI : Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli is also considered to be the best captain of the IPL, behind him a great reason that he handles his team in the best possible way, and especially, they perform so well that the team needs to perform. Although you did not know that Bengaluru has not won any IPL title so far, but Virat Kohli is still captain So too is if the team together, of course he can win the title of IPL.

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